Self-Driving Car

This project was completed when I was enrolled in Udacity’s Self-Driving Car Nano Degree. I successfully finished all courses and completed all projects. This nanodegree provides me more opportunity to access Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Localization, and Path Planning technologies.

Certificate of Self-Driving Car Engineer
















Those are the link to each project, you will find GitHub link for source codes I wrote (haven’t finished to upload all my codes to GitHub, working on it).

  1. Computer Vision and Deep Learning

    1. Project: Finding Lane Lines

    2. Project: Traffic Sign Classifier

    3. Project: Behavioral Cloning

    4. Project: Advanced Lane Finding

    5. Project: Vehicle Detection and Tracking

  2. Sensor Fusion, Localization, and Control

    1. Project: Extended Kalman Filter

    2. Project: Uncented Kalman Filter

    3. Project: Kidnapped Vehicle

    4. Project: PID Controller

    5. Project: Model Predictive Control

  3. Path Planning, Concentrations, and System Intergration

    1. Project: Path Planning

    2. Project: Semantic Segmentation

    3. Project: Functional Safety

    4. Project: System Integration