Project 1.1: Finding Lane Lines

Finding Lane Lines on the Road


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Finding Lane Lines on the Road

The goals / steps of this project are the following:

  • Make a pipeline that finds lane lines on the road

  • Reflect on work in a written report


1. Procedure to find lane lines

My pipeline consisted of 5 steps. First, I converted the images to grayscale, then I set up kernel size as 7 for Gaussian blur method; then set up low and high threshold for Caany edge detection. A masked edges are created with polygon-shape

In order to draw a single line on the left and right lanes, I modified the draw_lines() function by modifying the input parameters such as threshold=15, min_line_length=100, and max_line_gap = 100

2. Identify potential shortcomings with your current pipeline

One potential shortcoming would be that my drawed lines are not clear and clean as example video shown.

To draw a line on single image could be easy, but with video clip, every time step the road condition changes, the original setup may not be suitable for all road cases.

3. Suggest possible improvements to your pipeline

A possible improvement would be to automatically setup parameters for different road condition to draw a line more precisely.