Fault Tracking

Started from Sep. 2017, I began to work with Dr. Kees W. Rutten (Chief Geophysicist from Slokkert Consultancy) on Fault Snapping, Unfaulting and Unfolding in terms of Seismic Interpretation.

Fault Snap, a semi-automated fault segment picking tool, snaps segment to the real fault position. This patented technology is owned by Halliburton and provides a unique and accurate way of correcting or snapping segments to raw seismic data (DecisionSpace-Fault Interpetation).


Mis-interpreted fault (light green) is snapped to true location (dark green).





Unfaulting and unfolding are included in ezValidator (is released in DecisionSpace@ Geosciences) software environment. ezValidator can help interpreter to validate interpretation of simple and complex geological structures.